Joe Biden Just Got Caught In THIS Major Lie

It was about time Biden got caught lying…


Former Vice President Joe Biden is under fire for fabricating an emotional story about the war in Afghanistan while campaigning in New Hampshire last week.

Biden, whose penchant for confusing times and places has drawn worried whispers from even the staunchest of allies, told a heart wrenching story about being asked to pin a medal on a reluctant Navy officer.

“A four-star general had asked the then-vice president to travel to Kunar province in Afghanistan, a dangerous foray into ‘godforsaken country’ to recognize the remarkable heroism of a Navy captain,” the Washington Post reported. “Some told him it was too risky, but Biden said he brushed off their concerns.”

“We can lose a vice president,” Biden claimed to have said when asked to make the trip. “We can’t lose many more of these kids. Not a joke.”

As Biden recollected, the Navy captain “rappelled down a 60-foot ravine under fire and retrieved the body of an American comrade, carrying him on his back.” When the captain’s superiors wanted to honor his bravery with a “Silver Star,” the officer refused as it “felt like a failure” because his comrade had died.

“He said, ‘Sir, I don’t want the damn thing!’” said Biden, his “jaw clenched” and “voice rising to a shout,” according to the Post. “’Do not pin it on me, Sir! Please, Sir. Do not do that! He died. He died!’”

The raw emotion Biden exhibited when telling the harrowing story of bravery and loss left those in attendance “silent.”

“This is the God’s truth,” the former vice president added. “My word as a Biden.”

The only problem, as the Post reported, was that “almost every detail in the story appears to be incorrect.”:

Biden visited Kunar province in 2008 as a U.S. senator, not as vice president. The service member who performed the celebrated rescue that Biden described was a 20-year-old Army specialist, not a much older Navy captain. And that soldier, Kyle J. White, never had a Silver Star, or any other medal, pinned on him by Biden. At a White House ceremony six years after Biden’s visit, White stood at attention as President Barack Obama placed a Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest award for valor, around his neck.

Upon further investigation, the paper concluded that Biden had conflated three separate stories, including one in which he actually “did pin a medal on a heartbroken soldier, Army Staff Sgt. Chad Workman, who didn’t believe he deserved the award.”

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