2020 Democrat VOWS To Do Most UNPRECEDENTED Act

This is so strange…


Sen. Michael Bennet pitched his presidential candidacy on Wednesday by promising he’ll be boring enough if elected to the office that Americans won’t often have to think about him.

While appearing on “The Daily Show,” host Trevor Noah asked about a tweet that Bennet had posted a day earlier, where he said he would perform his duties in the background if he won the 2020 presidential election, unlike President Donald Trump, who is often the center of the news cycle.

“If you elect me president, I promise you won’t have to think about me for 2 weeks at a time,” Bennet tweeted. “I’ll do my job watching out for North Korea and ending this trade war. So you can go raise your kids and live your lives.”

“That’s a really interesting pitch because basically what you’re saying is vote for me because I’ll be boring and I’ll get the job done,” Noah said in reference to the tweet.

“Yeah, and it’s a job,” Bennet replied. “It’s the most important job in the world and we’ve got a reality TV star in the job and that’s no good, but he’s happy to play that part every single day.”

“I think the American people would feel liberated if they could get up in the morning, not wondering who the president of the United States was attacking by his tweets,” he continued. “Not wondering who the president of the United States was trying to divide, but knowing that we had a president who is trying to unite our country and who actually was doing his job, which is important.”

Despite vowing to remain in the spotlight and not split Americans, Bennet initiated his own assault on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, whom he referred to in Washington, D.C. as “the most malevolent and cynical”

The Colorado congressman recognized that before Trump’s tenure in office, the political system was “broken”

Bennet further indicated that the Senate, under McConnell’s governance, blocked the agenda of former President Barack Obama, thus preventing a flurry of Democratic-sponsored legislation from moving through the upper chamber, which he said is a “problem” that wants to be addressed.

“We have to fix that problem and I would never say that we should be as malevolent or as cynical as Mitch McConnell is, he is the most malevolent and cynical person in Washington, but we do need to be as strategic as he is,” Bennet said. “Washington will not fix itself. Mitch McConnell will not fix himself. It is something that the county is going to have to come together in a unified way to overcome a broken Washington.”

“We have no right to expect that it will be easy. It’s never been easy to make this country more Democratic, more fair, more free — it’s always been hard. And our job is going to be hard but it’s going to involve every single one of us,” he continued. “It’s the opposite of a president who says, ‘I alone can fix it.'”

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