Elizabeth Warren Goes BANANAS During Democratic Debate

This is the most outrageous thing she has said…


Sen. Elizabeth Warren stated during CNN’s 2020 Democrat presidential primary discussion that she saw “cages of babies” at the U.S .- Mexico border.

While trying to decriminalize illegal immigration into the U.S., Warren asserted to have observed “cages of babies” detained at the southern border with her own eyes.

“What we can’t do is not live our values,” Warren said. “I’ve been down to the border, I have seen the mothers, I have seen the cages of babies. We must be a country that every day lives our values. And that means we cannot make it a crime when somebody comes here.”

Illegal immigration has risen considerably on the U.S .- Mexico border for months now, leaving federal immigration authorities with increasingly less room to detain and keep migrants. The Trump administration last year implemented its zero-tolerance policy to prevent the stream of illegal adult border crossers from reaching the nation with minor children.

However, the segregation of adult border crossers from the kids with whom they come has happened since prior to 2001, court documents have been shown, and the Obama administration has used the same detention centers presently being used.

To date, Warren still has not provided pictures showing children kept together in cages.

Detaining child border crossers was a practice during the Obama administration, where the circumstances under which unaccompanied minors were packed into crowded cells and keeping spaces.

However, Health and Human Services (HHS) centers where unaccompanied minors are often sent feature comfortable living conditions.

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