BREAKING: Bad News for Jeffrey Epstein

This was bound to happen…


Wealthy sex offender Jeffrey Epstein will have to wait from a prison cell for a sex trafficking trial after a New York federal judge ruled against his bail on Thursday.

Epstein had offered to collateralize any of the assets from his self-estimated $559 million fortune. He said he would live in solitary confinement in his Manhattan mansion and pay for private security to guarantee that he stays inside and that no one enters unless authorized by the courts.

But with prosecutors warning that Epstein could easily flee or attempt to interfere with their witnesses, Senior U.S. District Judge Richard Berman ordered Thursday that Epstein remain at the Manhattan Correctional Institute as the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York seeks his conviction on child sex trafficking and conspiracy charges.

Berman, according to reporters covering the hearing in New York, cited concerns that Epstein is “a danger” to others.

Berman’s decision is a significant win for Epstein’s accusers, who have grown more than a dozen since he was first investigated on accusations of trafficking in South Florida. The rich financier was first detained in Palm Beach County after police began to suspect that he was abusing underage girls.

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