Google TERRIFIED of Trump’s Latest THREAT

Trump is getting involved and Google better watch out…


President Trump again complained on Wednesday about alleged bias on social media businesses against conservatives and said the U.S. government should sue Google and Facebook for unspecified wrongdoing.

Trump complained in an interview that social media companies are run by Democrats and that Twitter has somehow made it difficult for people to follow his @realDonaldTrump account, from which he tweets prolifically.

He said the U.S. “should be suing” Facebook and Google, adding “and perhaps we will,” without saying what the companies would be sued for.

Social media businesses have tried to police their sites more vigorously for what they see as hate speech and fraudulent accounts, but they say they have no measures aimed at conservatives.

Trump’s threat comes after Project Veritas, a conservative organization known for deceptively edited hidden-camera videos, released video this week allegedly depicting a Google employee saying the company wants to prevent Trump’s reelection.

Google, Facebook and Twitter shares dipped on the news but recovered in pre-market trading.

Representatives for Alphabet Inc.‘s Google and Facebook didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

Trump’s Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission have taken the first steps toward investigating four large technology companies for antitrust violations by splitting jurisdiction over them. The Justice Department has taken responsibility for Google and Apple, while the FTC will oversee Facebook and Amazon.

Separately, state attorneys general, including Nebraska’s Doug Peterson and Louisiana’s Jeff Landry — both Republicans — are advancing a broad inquiry into whether the biggest U.S. technology platforms are violating antitrust and consumer protection statutes.


This morning, President Donald Trump went on Fox Business to discuss our video. Here’s a bit of what he told Fox’s Maria Bartiromo:

“You saw what happened yesterday with Google… Let me tell you, they’re trying o rig the election… They should be sued. What’s happening with the bias, and now you see it with that executive yesterday from Google the hatred for Republicans.”

– President Donald Trump
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