BREAKING: Pete Buttigieg Leaves The Presidential Race Campaign ..

Here’s the Mayors reason…


Mayor Pete Buttigieg left his campaign and returned to South Bend after a police officer shot and killed a black man.

Buttigieg appeared on two Sunday news shows — CBS’s Face the Nation and CNN’s State of the Union. He also canceled a planned trip to attend an LGTBQ Democratic National Committee fundraiser in New York City.

Buttigieg is making a very public effort to address the shooting and its consequences.

A police officer was responding to a report of a man allegedly breaking into cars and found Eric Logan, 53, partially inside a vehicle. Logan approached the officer with a knife raised and the officer shot him.

Buttigieg returned to South Bend to meet with Logan’s family members and held a press conference.

He previously resisted appearing on camera after officer shootings, but he felt it was important to do so.

“I know that whenever an incident like this happens, there is tremendous hurt that can come about. That the city will be hurting and we will be striving to reach out to community members, to community leaders, to keep the channels of communication open, even as we wait for more facts to come in,” Buttigieg said during the press conference.

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