Trump Levels Biden’s Campaign In One VIDEO

Sleepy Joe is going to have a hard time coming back from this…


President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign fired back at Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden after he called out the president for remarks he made during an ABC News interview.

During the interview, Stephanopoulos, who is a former Clinton administration official, asked Trump what he would do if he was presented with information from a foreign government on a political opponent.

Trump answered saying that he would be willing to listen to what the information was because “there’s nothing wrong with listening,” and later said, “If I thought there was something wrong, I’d go maybe to the FBI.”

Biden responded in a tweet, writing: “President Trump is once again welcoming foreign interference in our elections. This isn’t about politics. It is a threat to our national security. An American President should not seek their aid and abet those who seek to undermine democracy.”

The Trump campaign responded to Biden’s jab in a tweet of their own that featured a CNN video when Biden visited Munich, Germany.

In the video, Armenian President Armen Sarkissian asked Biden if he was going to run for president in the upcoming 2020 election.

Biden responded by whispering to Sarkissian.

Moments later, Biden gave Sarkissian his business card so that Sarkissian could contact him.

“What did he give him?” the Trump campaign tweeted. “What did he say? Did Joe Biden report this to the FBI?”


The Trump campaign wrote: “Joe Biden: ‘I get calls from people all over the world — world leaders are calling me — and they’re almost begging me to do this, to save the country, save the world.’ Did they offer to help Sleepy Joe?”

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