New ISIS Tactic Is TRULY Disgusting

These people are ANIMALS…


Terrorism, in all of its forms, is meant to scar the mind and instill fear in its victims.

Yes, bloodshed is often a major component in these attacks, but ISIS and other terrorist organizations get the most “bang for their buck” by attacking places and people that will garner them the most widespread attention.

This is why terrorism tends to occur in high-profile places, with highly controversial targets.  ISIS and others are not necessarily trying to eliminate their opponents, but rather, they are looking to scare them into submission.

In other words; the nightmares are all symbolic so that they stick with us.

The latest tactic being purportedly employed by these monsters has the potential to decimate thousands of square miles at a time.

Long promoting the use of arson — both of occupied structures and of tinder-dry wildlands — as a cheap terror tactic that requires little skill but can inflict immense fear and harm, ISIS claims the terror group is behind a series of wildfires in Iraq and Syria.

In the group’s official weekly newsletter, al-Naba, ISIS said the targets were “apostates” whose “hearts have long been burned” and vowed the blazes are “just the beginning.”

ISIS also emphasized the economic impact of the fires, noting “many agricultural lands have been destroyed” and “tons of crops,” including wheat and barley, went up in flames in the jihadists’ “harvest of another kind.”

Given the glut of wildfire dangers that the United States already faces, rogue terrorists here in the US could possibly adopt the tactic with devastating effect.

Src: Flag & Cross

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