Mueller Caught LYING To Attorney General

Resigning special counsel Robert Mueller just outed himself.


Mueller delivered an address to the nation that was meant to be his final act as special counsel as he declared his report was his final testimony on Trump-Russia collusion. 

During that statement he revealed that “a President cannot be charged with a federal crime while he is in office. That is unconstitutional.”

Gregg Jarret, an author and legal expert revealed that this is a contradiction of what he told Attorney General William Barr back in March.

In May AG Barr revealed during his testimony that “We were frankly surprised that they were not going to reach a decision on obstruction and we asked them a lot about the reasoning behind this. Mueller stated three times to us in that meeting, in response to our questioning, that he emphatically was not saying that but for the OLC opinion he would have found obstruction.”

So originally Mueller did not believe the OLC opinion had any bearing on his position of the president. 

Yet now he is dictating that he could not have delivered an obstruction charge because of the OLC opinion. 

It looks like Mueller is having a hard time keeping his stories straight amongst all the lies. 

Perhaps he himself should be investigated. 

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