2020 Candidate Against Defense Of US

One candidate for the 2020 elections is making it well known that they are against nearly all actions by the U.S. to protect our interests. 


Candidate Bernie Sanders was in Vermont when he declared that he would “make no apologies” for opposing nearly all military actions by the United States. 

The senator has opposed the war in Iraq, called on the U.S. to remove itself from Yemen and even now is against the U.S. coming into conflict with Iran. 

“I make no apology for leading the effort against the war in Iraq,” Sanders said.

He shared the same thoughts on Yemen, “If we do not end that war soon, hundreds of thousands of men, women and children will die this year in Yemen and millions will face starvation in the years to come,” Sanders said. “I make no apologies to anyone for trying to end that horrible war.”

He then moved on to the current crisis, “Right now, this minute, I am doing everything that I can … to prevent Donald Trump and [national security adviser] John Bolton from taking us into a war in Iran — a war which would be in my view much more destructive, if you can believe it, than the war in Iraq and could lead us, literally, to perpetual warfare in that region, that not only this generation of members of the armed forces would be there, but their kids and their [grand]kids. So I make no apologies for trying to do everything that I can to make sure this country does not get into another war in the Middle East.”

Bernie would rather these threats from nations who openly call for “the death of America” go unchecked. That there threats against the U.S. be left unanswered. 

Fortunately President Trump has far more spine than that. 

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