Pelosi SLAMMED For ‘Selfish’ Demand

Nancy Pelosi is getting dragged after she once again tried to force her demands on Republicans. 


Pelosi announced that Republicans should apologize too Rep. Rashida Tlaib for calling her out over comments she made regarding Palestine’s response to the Holocaust. 

Tlaib had shared that she gets a “calming feeling” thinking about how Palestinians created a “safe haven for Jews, post-the Holocaust.”

Now, Republican Jewish lawmaker Lee Zeldin is speaking out against both women calling Tlaib’s account a “sick rewrite of what actually took place in history.”

He called the Democrats out for “this tactic of promoting hate as a member of Congress, and immediately playing victim, accusing anyone who has a problem with your words and your hate and calling them racist, sexist or Islamaphobic even though they make no reference to your race, religion or gender is greatly disappointing and shocking. And the Speaker is making a play call, making a selfish play call for her gavel to not identify and confront and crush it and instead be led by the radical left because she doesn’t know how to lead it.”

Zeldin also said, “I believe that the anti-Israel hate that’s infiltrated American politics and college campuses and the halls of Congress is wrong, that we should be doing more to identifying and crush it.”

Zeldin also pointed out how partisan the argument was, that Democrats would be “absolutely flipping out” if Tlaib’s remarks had come from a Republican. 

“That’s all we would have been doing today on the floor, would have been condemning with speech after speech after speech from one Democrat after another, insane lighting their hair on fire, genuinely pissed off over what they heard. And the only reason why we’re not hearing it from them is because Tlaib happens to be a Democrat and not a Republican.”

Zeldin has been very vocal about condemning the hatred that has been cropping up. With the way Democrats have been behaving, it’s likely that he won’t be getting a break any time soon. 

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