Why CO Students Abandoned School Vigil

Students expressed their outrage during a vigil for the victims of Highlands Ranch, Colorado by staging a walk out. But the reason may come as a surprise.


The vigil was staged for 18-year-old hero student Kendrick Castillo, who died after rushing one of the shooters and preventing the deaths of others. 

Almost 2,000 students attended the vigil but the event hit a sour note when Sen. Michael Bennet and Rep. Jason Crow, both Democrats, spoke out. 

The two Democrats attempted to use the tragedy to push their policies for gun control. 

The students, showing themselves to be wiser be far, were having none of it. Chants of “mental health” were raised in opposition to the call for restrictions on rights and many students walked out of the event entirely. 

Individual students could be heard protesting the “political stunt” and shouted, “we are people, not a statement.” 

But the students were willing to honor the reason they were called together and local reporter Kyle Clark shared that the students who walked out held their own vigil to honor the victims. 

It appears these elected Democrats have much to learn from these brave student survivors. 

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