Democrats FREAK Over Jerry Falwell Suggestion

Democrats are losing their minds after President Trump shared a suggestion made by the president of evangelical Christian university Liberty University, Jerry Falwell Jr.


The uproar originated form a tweet made by Falwell:  “After the best week ever for @realDonaldTrump – no obstruction, no collusion, NYT admits @BarackObama did spy on his campaign, & the economy is soaring. I now support reparations-Trump should have 2 yrs added to his 1st term as pay back for time stolen by this corrupt failed coup.”

This was then retweeted by President Trump who obviously took some amusement at the thought. 

Democrats are treating this as an open declaration of intent to remain in office for an additional two years. 

The comment section lit up as the leftist’s lost their collective minds. 

“On what constitutional or legal grounds would you suggest changing the constitutionally-dictated term of the presidency?” one wrote.

“Why don’t you just rip our constitution to pieces, you bloody moron?!?” wrote another.

It should go without saying that this is not an idea that President Trump is seriously considering. His retweet merely agrees that he has been unjustly pursued by the Democrats.

However the joke will be on them when Trump wins the 2020 election and gets another FOUR years in office.

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