Alyssa Milano SLAMS The Constitution

Declining Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano has posted a video of her ranting about how she doesn’t have “equal rights under the constitution.”


The video was made as a response to the congressional hearing of the Equal Rights Amendment, an amendment which has been in limbo for the last 36 years.

“My name is Alyssa Milano, and in 2019 I do not have equal rights in the Constitution,” the actress claims. “That’s right, because I have a vagina I do not have equality and justice.”

“I don’t have equal rights under the Constitution… It is time for the constitution to reflect the powerful principles of its first three words: We the People,” Milano shares.  “The ERA will build a wall, a wall that will actually do something against the never-ending assault on our rights from the current or future presidents.”

The ERA amendment that Milano is trying to push was actually passed in 1972, but it failed to be ratified before its deadline in March of 1979. 

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