Pelosi Schedules Democrat FREAK OUT Session

It only took moments after Attorney General William Barr released the public version of Robert Mueller’s report for Nancy Pelosi to start having an episode.


The House Speaker reacted to the release of the report by immediately sending out a letter to fellow democrats. It calls for a conference call to discuss what she considers to be a “grave matter.”

Pelosi also slammed the Justice Department saying that the report was released “disrespectfully late” and  that the contents were “selectively redacted.”

“The Caucus is scheduling a conference call for Monday to discuss this grave matter, which is as soon as our analysis and this Holy Season’s religious traditions allow,” Pelosi said adding that, “Congress will not be silent.”

It’s likely that Democrats will spend the bulk of this “conference call” to scheme a way to get both a testimony from Mueller and an unreacted version of the report. 

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