Major Trump Rival Fails To Release Tax Info

It’s stunning how Democrats can spend years chasing President Donald Trump’s tax returns but when they turn a blind eye to candidates running from their party. 


This is also surprising because that leading candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, has also raised more funds than many of his peers combined. 

How do you miss that?

Sanders has been vocal in his harassment to force Trump to release his tax information, it’s glaringly hypocritical that he withhold his own. 

In fact, Sanders even boasted to Daily Show host Trevor Noah that he would be “delighted” and “proud” to release a full ten years of his tax returns. Taunting the president with, “Hey Mr. Trump, you do the same thing.”

Although Sanders has said he would make the move “sooner than later,” given that he said that in February it’s more than later now.

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