Trump’s New Name For Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff joins the list of humiliating nicknames from President Trump and honestly this is one of the best.  


Recently at his Michigan rally, President trump held nothing back as he slammed Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), CNN panelists weren’t too happy by some of the nicknames Schiff was branded with.

“Little pencil-neck Adam Schiff!” said President Trump to jeers and applause from the audience.

“He has got the smallest thinnest neck I’ve ever seen! He is not a long ball hitter!” he added.

“But I saw him today,” the president said, which lead to a mocking impression of Schiff. “Well, we don’t really know, there still could have been some Russia collusion!”

“Sick! Sick! These are sick people!” he continued. “And there has to be accountability because it’s all lies, and they know it’s lies. They know it.”

CNN contributor Frank Bruni stated the president’s comments were “offensive,” because he said Schiff had not directly lied.

“It can be the case that someone like Adam Schiff maybe engaged in over-baked language and got too far out on a limb,” said Bruni, “it is not the case that he should be reprimanded and censored the way his colleagues are suggesting he should be.”

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