PM FOLDS After New Zealand Massacre

Soon after the Christchurch attack, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her team quickly thought of a solution so an attack like this may never happen again, but did they go too far?


Prime Minister Ardern recently announced her solution to ban all “military-style semi-automatic weapons” as a result of the Christchurch massacre.

This ban will halt all sales and the weapons should be returned by retailers to the suppliers.

“Today I am announcing that New Zealand will ban all military-style semi-automatic weapons,” Ardern stated. “We will also ban all assault rifles. We will ban high capacity magazines. We will ban all parts with the ability to convert semi-automatic or any other type of firearm into a military-style semi-automatic weapon. We will ban parts that cause a firearm to generate semi-automatic, automatic or close to automatic gunfire.”

“In short, every semi-automatic weapon used in the terrorist attack on Friday will be banned in the country,” Ardern said.

Ardern also stated that the owners of the banned weapons will have the opportunity to earn “fair and reasonable compensation” through a buy back program.

“The estimate that has been made by officials is that the buyback could cost anywhere between $100 million and $200 million. But that is the price that we must pay to ensure the safety of our communities,” Ardern said.

a “military-style semi-automatic” weapon includes “a semi-automatic firearm capable of being used with a detachable magazine which holds more than five cartridges” and “a semi-automatic shotgun capable of being used with a detachable magazine which holds more than five cartridges.”

The ban does not include “semi-automatic .22 caliber rimfire firearms with a magazine which holds no more than 10 rounds” or “semi-automatic and pump action shotguns with a non-detachable tubular magazine which holds no more than five rounds.”

Ardern admitted not knowing how many now-banned semi-automatic weapons there are in the country.

“We’re very much in the dark as to how many of these are in circulation,” Ardern said.

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