‘Low IQ’ Biden Embarrasses Himself (Again)

Many Democrats Set their focus on President Trump to gain publicity and money for their campaign but Former Vice President Joe Biden may be the biggest obstacle Trump may face.


while giving a speech in Delaware, Biden called out Trump for “betraying the very substance of the country.”

“The election in 2020, without hyperbole, is going to be the most important election this country has undergone in over 100 years,” Biden stated. “Not a joke.”

“The danger posed by this administration to this nation is not hypothetical or exaggerated, it is real, it is existential and many of our Republican and Independent friends know it as well,” Biden said.

Biden continued on Trump for “tearing down the guardrails of society” by challenging the media, the judiciary, and the legal branch of government.

“The more you weaken the power of these institutions set up to prevent the abuse of power, set up to prevent the accumulation of power, the more power rises to the presidency,” he warned. “Folks, we better wake up to what’s happening right in front of our eyes.”

“This president sneers at these values, literally. He thinks they make us weak, he thinks we are suckers,” Biden said. “Well, he is dead wrong.”

Biden also accused Trump of giving tax cuts to the wealthiest one percent of Americans.

“Trump turned his back on the very people he promised he would help, farmers, construction workers, teachers, home health care workers,” Biden said. “So many folks in places like Delaware, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin were whipsawed by a changing world economy and left behind by the draconian policies of this administration.”

Biden became enraged against Trump’s proposed budget for hurting middle class Americans, cutting federal programs, and raising the federal deficit.

“Folks, we are literally in a battle for the soul of America,” Biden said to applause.

Unfortunately for Biden, his comments are void due to the fact that under President Trump the economy has been the highest it has been since 2001. Also, because of his work with the economy his approval ratings have been the best its ever been.

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