Iconic Transgender Admits Life Is A ‘Sham’

One of the individuals whose example has been a focal point of the LGBT transgender push, has admitted their life has been a “sham.”


Jamie Shupe was born a biological male, but in 2016 he shattered gender designations and made international headlines when a judge in Oregon granted him legal status as a “nonbinary” person. This made Shupe the first to be granted such status as he pursued his “true identity” of being a woman.

However, in three short years Shupe has turned his back on the transgender movement as he describes living out a lie.

Blaming post-traumatic stress disorder, childhood trauma and a “severe mental health crisis” in 2013, Shupe wrote in an essay how “out-of-control, transgender activism” gave him the tools to turn a personal crisis into a national debate.

“The best thing that could have happened would have been for someone to order intensive therapy,” Shupe wrote. “[Instead, the doctors] just kept helping me to harm myself.”

Instead Shupe became an overnight icon for the LGBT community after winning in court. But the attention was ill-fated as Shupe sided with President Trump on the transgender military ban and also opposed what he called the “sterilization and mutilation of gender-confused children.”

“Overnight, I went from being a liberal media darling to a conservative pariah,” Shupe said. “The truth is that my sex change to nonbinary was a medical and scientific fraud.”

Shupe further revealed that he believes he won the court case because the presiding judge also had a transgender child. 

“I now believe that she wasn’t just validating my transgender identity. She was advancing her child’s transgender identity, too,” Shupe claimed.

The weight eventually came to be too much to bear and in 2019 Shape admitted he was “unable to advance the fraud for another single day.”

“The weight of the lie on my conscience was heavier than the value of the fame I’d gained from participating in this elaborate swindle,” he shared. “Two fake gender identities couldn’t hide the truth of my biological reality. There is no third gender or third sex. Like me, intersex people are either male or female. Their condition is the result of a disorder of sexual development, and they need help and compassion.”

In closing Shupe lamented that, “I played my part in pushing forward this grand illusion. I’m not the victim here. My wife, daughter, and the American taxpayers are— they are the real victims.”

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