Freshman Democrat’s Plan To Impeach Trump

Democrat Representative Rashida Tlaib has gained a little too much confidence and now she has her sights set on trump.


“We saw record turnout in an election year, where people wanted to elect a jury that would begin the impeachment proceedings to Donald Trump,” Tlaib stated at a press briefing.

“We want to work on these economic justice issues, racial justice issues,and everything,” she said. “But guess what? There is a wall there, and a constitutional crisis that is not going to [let us] do our jobs as American Congress members to push a lot of these agendas forward.”

Tlaib joins other prominent Democrats such as Brad Sherman and Al Green to push Trump out of office. Both congressmen have their own impeachment articles, but neither of them have made any progress. Tlaib looks like she has all her hours devoted to impeaching president Trump even stating “impeach the motherf**ker.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has openly stated she will resist all efforts to impeach Trump unless there is hard evidence to back it up. There are other concerns such as their plan for impeachment will backfire hurting their chances for the 2020 election. “When the facts are known, then we can make a judgment,” Pelosi said recently.

Tlaib seems unaffected by the warnings. “This is the largest class since Watergate,” Tlaib stated, referencing the newly-elected Democrats. “This is a class — a diverse class — that comes … with a sense of urgency to act. To act to hold corporations accountable, to act in holding President Trump accountable, to act to really try to see real reforms, even within our congressional process.”

“This is an emergency for many of us,” she said. Meanwhile, Tlaib is dealing with her own minor emergency: Allegations that she paid herself almost $20,000 from campaign funds — after the election was over.

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