Roger Stone May Regret This Post

President Donald Trump’s former adviser Roger Stone, may have dug his own grave by making a post to Instagram. 


To clarify, Stone has been awaiting trial in relation to special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion investigation. Part of the conditions for Stone being out on bail are that he refrain from making social media posts or appearances that reference his pending case.

Stone has already run afoul of that restriction when a post was made on his Twitter account that featured presiding U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson next to an image that could be construed as crosshairs. 

Stone apologized for what he called “an egregious mistake,“ and was predominantly let off with a warning. 

Yet it appears that Stone may have made another gaffe by posing an image to Instagram stories. 

While images on that particular platform disappear within 24 hours, it wasn’t even that long before people noticed the move and Stone had the image removed. 

Bloomberg reporter Shelby Holliday shared the image on her Twitter.

Currently Stone hasn’t been reprimanded for the post, but that doesn’t mean he’s in the clear. Now it’s up to Judge Jackson to determine whether the post constitutes an offense. 

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