Consequences For ‘MAGA’ Hat Hating Student

Students at Edmond Santa Fe High School can witness a lesson in civility after a bully a the Oklahoma school was caught assaulting a fellow student over his “Make America Great Again” hat.


A posted cellphone video shows a senior student confronting the young supporter for doing nothing more than trying to pass in the hallway.

The senior latches on to the Trump flag that the other student is carrying while threatening to “burn” it. Attempting to escalate the situation the senior swats the red “MAGA” cap off the students head constantly yelling for him to “Take that s**t off!”

The senior eventually stormed off after a student stopped and spoke up against the oppression. 

But that isn’t the end of it. The school resource officer has been briefed on the matter and a municipal summons for assault has been issued for the antagonizing student. 

Jenny Wagnon of the Edmond Police Department shared with KFOR-TV what to expect next.

“Both parties will sit down with the city attorney office and come up with some type of an agreement, and if an agreement can’t be made, it will be up to the city attorney to move forward with the assault charge,” Wagnon said.

This kind of lashing out cannot be tolerated and schools need to recognize the threat this type of hate presents to students. 

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