This Republican Senator Has Turned Traitor

While it’s expected that many Democrats are clambering to oppose President Trump’s national emergency, it’s always shameful to see the opposition come from within the Republican party. 


Yet Senator Susan Collins has decided to be the first Republican to officially oppose Trump on the matter. Claiming that Trump’s declaration has “dubious constitutionality,” Collins posed that she would support a bill that blocks the transfer of funds for use constructing the border wall.

Trying to lessen the impact of her betrayal, Collins said she would only support the bill if it was solely for blocking the resolution and didn’t contain any additional interests. 

“If it’s a ‘clean’ disapproval resolution, I will support it,” Collins stated.

Collins had previously expressed her disdain for the president’s plan during a tv interview in Maine. “I am strongly opposed to the president invoking his national emergency powers. I don’t believe that’s what the law was intended to cover,” Collins said.

She later affirmed that statement when she declared she would side with Democrats, “I continue to believe that this is not what the National Emergencies Act was intended to be used for.”

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