Terrorist ‘Time Bomb’ Counting Down

Authorities in Syria, that are backed by the U.S., are voicing concerns that hundreds of captured jihadist fighters may be released because their home countries are not prepared to take them. 


Trump recently announced that European countries needed to increase their efforts, otherwise the president claimed “we will be forced to release them.”

Unfortunately most European countries claim that solving this problem is no simple matter. That part of the problem is ensuring that all the prisoners remain in custody.

“It is clearly not as easy as what has been put forward in the United States,” German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said before meeting with EU counterparts in Brussels. “These people could only then come to Germany if we can ensure they are immediately put in custody. It’s not clear to me how all that can be guaranteed.”

The region’s co-chair of foreign relations, Abdulkarim Omar, warned that this was a crucial issue and that the prisoners could not be ignored. 

“It seems most of the countries have decided that they’re done with them, let’s leave them here, but this is a very big mistake,” Omar said. Adding that home countries must attempt to rehabilitate these individuals, “or else this will be a danger and a time bomb”.

With the U.S. withdrawal of troops from Syria this is a problem that will need to be answered soon.

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