Ginsburg Gets Back In The Game

The Supreme Court of the United States returns to full strength today as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg rejoins the court.


Ginsburg has been at less than full capacity since roughly November. At that time Ginsburg fell and broke three ribs. While a nasty injury itself, it was what was discovered when she got examined that caused Ginsburg to be significantly absent. 

Doctors found that Ginsburg had malignant nodules on the lower lobe of her left lung. 

So in December Ginsburg returned to the hospital to undergo surgery. On Dec. 21 the Supreme Court office declared the surgery successful and stated that there was “no evidence of remaining disease, and no further treatment is required.”

It’s great to hear that the senior Justice will be returning to form. The complications of surgery have already taken a toll on Ginsburg’s spotless record. On Jan. 7, Ginsburg missed a Supreme Court argument, the first time in 25 years of service. 

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