Bezos Succumbs To Paranoia

There have certainly been better days for Amazon and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos. His very public split from his wife of 25 years to be with his mistress garnered lots of media attention and continues to do so, which apparently stresses Bezos out.


When the National Enquirer began reporting on Bezos and his mistress Lauren Sanchez, Bezos cried foul that the publication was politically motivated to cover the story. 

That was the start of Bezos circulating his own conspiracy theories. Bezos claimed that the National Enquirer had been encouraged by Trump to pursue the story. The Amazon founder cited his ownership of the Washington Post and the repeatedly negative coverage of Trump it published as motivation.

But that wasn’t far fetched enough for the embattled entrepreneur. Bezos also pointed the finger at Saudi Arabia, suggesting they could be the shadowy hand that moves the tabloid magazine against him. Bezos once again claimed that reporting by the Washington Post was again the motivation, in this instance recalling coverage of slain journalist Jamal Khashoggi. 

On CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Saudi diplomat Adel al-Jubeir said, “This is something between the two parties, we have nothing to do with it.”

The National Enquirer has responded to Bezos’ claims by threatened to release “intimate photos” of him, unless he retract his previous statements about their reporting.

Bezos has maintained that he will do no such thing. 

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