Dirty Dems’ Plot Takes Shape

Not even a week following Trump’s address calling for unity and an end to partisan in fighting, Dems are trying to muscle their way to the president’s tax returns.


House Democrats brought together a hearing of the Ways and Means oversight subcommittee in order to make preparations for a legal case that would somehow suggest that Trump’s refusal to disclose his tax information in some way compromises U.S. interests.

Committee chairman Rep. Richard Neal is collaborating with Doug Letter on the argument. They expect it to be challenged in court and are attempting to pad it against failure.

Most Democrats weakly claim that their actions are fueled by malice towards Trump, but instead are an effort to follow the law.

Yet no one recalls a time when Democrats so doggedly pursued former President Obama, something Trump pointed out on Twitter.

He also responded to the overall situation via tweet. Labeling it plainly for what it is, harassment.

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