Democrat Claims Sen. Graham Is “Compromised”

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) recently on CNN resorted to a conspiracy theory that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was “compromised” due to a complete change of support favoring President Trump.


Omar has already hinted that Graham could be being blackmailed for being a homosexual and now the young congresswoman is claiming “lots of Americans” agree with her.

“I am pretty sure that there is something happening with [Graham], whether it is something that has to do with his funding when it comes to running for office, whether it has something to do with the polling that they might have in his district or whether it has to do with some sort of leadership within the Senate,” Omar said. “He is somehow compromised to no longer stand up for the truth and to make sure that he is fighting to protect the oath that he took in serving the American people.”

CNN’s Jim Sciutto asked, “[T]hat’s quite a charge to make. You say you are pretty sure. Based on what evidence? What facts? That’s a remarkable comment to make about a sitting U.S. senator.”

“The evidence really is present to us,” Omar replied. “It’s being presented to us in the way that he’s behaving.”

“But that’s not evidence. That’s your opinion. But now as a sitting member of Congress, you have tweeted they got him on this. Again, just based on what evidence, congresswoman?” Poppy Harlow then asked.

Omar responded, “My tweet was just an opinion based on what I believe to be visible to me, and I’m pretty sure there are lots of Americans who agree on this.”

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