Why No Democrat Can Win The Midterms

Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has said voting for Democratic nominee in the 2018 midterm elections means “shutting down the United States of America and shutting down this comeback.”


McDaniel stated, “Nancy Pelosi has said ‘we are going to raise taxes.’ She has said that. She called these bonuses, these thousand dollar bonuses that people received and these bigger paychecks crumbs. She’s totally out of touch with middle America. They are talking about abolishing ICE. What they are putting forward is something that will hurt every American.”

“As we look at 4 million new jobs, 4.2 percent GDP, our country is booming so a vote for a Democrat in this election means shutting down the United States of America and shutting down this comeback. That is what every voter needs to take stock of, because Democrats aren’t running to go to Washington to keep this economy booming. They are coming to Washington to resist and obstruct. That’s not a winning message. Republicans want to continue fighting for the American people, like we have been doing these past two years.”

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