Will Republicans Gain Seats?

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway recently stated that the Republicans “certainly can” gain seats in the midterm elections.


Conway said, “They certainly can and here’s why. First of all, this man makes history, he doesn’t repeat history. He makes his own trend. He doesn’t follow them. I would think that the media got all the polling wrong. I know you guys were doing national polling which was irrelevant and inaccurate. But you got all the polling wrong, didn’t think he could win, probably didn’t want him to win. He’s going to go out there and put up his own political currency. We won 8 out of 9 special elections so far, Jon. That’s a great track record.”

“Here’s the problem for the Democrats, who’s in charge of their party? Is it Tom Perez who they don’t respect? Is it the 28-year-old socialist? Is it the 70-something-year-old socialist? She gets her facts wrong routinely about basic policy issues. Is it Elizabeth Warren who says that all law enforcement is racist from front to back and forward and backward? Is it Hillary Clinton who still can’t get over her loss in 2016? Who is the leader of the party? What is their message exactly? They shut down the government at the beginning of this year. All of them voted against historic tax cuts which led to 6 million Americans getting bonuses or raises or both, where our corporate tax rate has decreased. These folks are hiring more people.”
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