Trump legal counsel Jay Sekulow believes that the Russia probe of 2016 election meddling was something which was “really corrupt at its inception.”


Sekulow stated, “We pointed out the irregularities in this investigation. I mean, the biggest news of late has been the whole Bruce Ohr situation. You had the number four at the United States Department of Justice, the number four, his wife happens to work for Fusion GPS, who happens to be retained to put together the dossier with Chris Steele. And Chris Steele happens to be talking to the FBI and to Bruce Ohr, the number four at the Justice Department. Christopher Steele gets fired for leaking information yet Bruce Ohr continues the ongoing dialogue. Then you could list the Page, Strzok series of emails, you could list the salacious dossier and put all of that together and say why in the world would this investigation have legitimacy at this point?”

“It was really corrupt at its inception.”