Should Trump Have Invited Putin?

House Oversight Committee chairman Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) does not support President decision to invite Vladimir Putin to Washington D.C.


Gowdy stated, “I think that the United States of America sometimes has to meet with people that we don’t have anything in common with. I think our president has to meet with the leader of North Korea. We have to meet with the leader from Iran. But it’s very different to issue an invitation. This country is different. We do things differently. We set the moral standard for the rest of the world.”

“The fact that we have to talk to you about Syria or other matters is very different from issuing an invitation. Those should be reserved, I think, for our allies like Great Britain and Canada and Australia and those who are with us day in and day out. I think we should be very judicious in who we invite in place that a perimeter of acceptance on. So I hope the president would keep that in mind if we are issuing invitations to foreign leaders.”

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