Senior Political Analyst Degrades CNN

CNN’s Senior Political Analyst Mark Preston reacted to President Trump’s statement where he admitted to having misspoke about Russian interference in the U.S. elections. Preston stated the president “thinks we’re very stupid. And in many ways, you can’t argue against that.”


Host Erin Burnett said, “So, Mark, look, we now know the president is the one who went in the room and said, I’ve got this idea, right? I’m going to say I misspoke. But I’m only going to say I misspoke once, not any of the other times where I expressed pretty much the same sentiment. I mean, I say this, and I’m not saying it tongue in cheek. How stupid does he think we are?”

Preston replied, “Well, short answer is that he thinks we’re very stupid. And in many ways, you can’t argue against that. He has gotten away with this ever since he came down that escalator, when he announced his presidency. We have seen him, time and time again, say one thing that is outrageous, that causes anger, then he turns around and acts like he never said it. Now, the problem that we’re facing right now, Erin, is that he enjoys an 80% approval rating amongst Republicans. So, when we’re attacking Republicans on Capitol Hill for not doing enough, in many ways, they’re flummoxed. They’re running scared. They don’t know how to deal with Donald Trump. In many ways, he has become a president on his own, without any allies, that the only people that are supporting him right now are those who fear him.”

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