BOMBSHELL: Is DOJ Spying On Republicans?

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) publicly announced his belief that the Department of Justice is potentially spying on him and his congressional office.


Partial transcript as follows:

CARLSON: The last year and a half has taught us that nothing is impossible. And so, I’m open-minded about anything. But it’s a heavy charge. Why do you think it’s true?

GOHMERT: Actually, I’ve been told by a number of different people in a position to know that you’re being watched, you’re being listened to. And you know, you just brush it off. You can’t let those kind things control your life.

And then I did a 48-page expose on Mueller, and it really came home as I prepared that — my, gosh, this is this — their mode of operation, this is what they do. And then when you see, they’ve destroyed Curt Weldon’s political career two weeks before his election, raiding an office and doing nothing with it. But now they’re buying his name back up years and years later because I understand he’s about to come out with a book to disclose what all the manipulations were. Look at Ted Stevens, Steve Hatfill — I mean, they know how to ruin people’s lives.

I’ve not mentioned this before, but we had a private conversation with some of the people in our intelligence after we found all about the —

CARLSON: What does that mean, though by spying? Would that mean be monitoring your email, phone calls, your office? What did they say?

GOHMERT: All of the above. And I’m told by one of our folks that they know everybody that walks through your office door before they get to the door. So —

CARLSON: Is that being whom?

GOHMERT: That being the U.S. — well, FBI intelligence. I didn’t ask for a “they,” but I’ve had people in those departments tell me, you know, they’re watching, listening, for whatever you may be —

CARLSON: Look, again, I’m totally open-minded, don’t want to believe it, because it seems that would precipitate a constitutional crisis.


CARLSON: You’re a member of Congress elected. These are bureaucrats unelected. I serve in an oversight role over them. If they’re spying on you, then I mean the whole system falls apart, or has fallen apart.

GOHMERT: How about if they’re spying on a presidential candidate or a president after he’s been elected. Those kind of things it turns out were going on. But, I started to mention I told a private group of our intelligence folks either you get us the names of those people who unmasked all of those people that should never have been unmasked, or I’m going to make it my life’s worth to get rid of this program that allows you to do it. I’m not saying this is why, but very quickly they did come out with the names. We knew Susan Rice, folks like that.

CARLSON: Right. We’re better for knowing those names.

GOHMERT: You can’t live in fear. They’re not going to scare me. We’ll keep moving on.

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