Is America Becoming Losing Power?

Whoopi Goldberg of ABC’s “The View” stated people were looking for change and voted for Trump ended up getting something they didn’t expect.


Goldberg stated, “Look I get that folks wanted stuff, they wanted a change. I doubt that this extreme change that we have are what people were thinking about. This is not the America I grew up in because when Lady Liberty is standing in that harbor and saying, bring me, give me your people who can’t —who have to — who need us, who want to be part of us. America has always, with all of her downsides, she has always been a beacon of hope for people, and the idea that we are now — and I’m not BSing — we are not the most respected. We are not a country that people are saying, ‘Hey. I don’t know if we want to go there for sanctuary. I don’t know if that’s a safe place.’ When America’s not a safe place for people who built America which is all of our families, we’re all immigrants, that’s not a good thing. So we ought to make a shift.”

“The tone came from the top, but we have spread it out. We have spread the tone. Part of this is our fault because we accepted it. This is what we accepted, and this is what you get when you accept a lesser idea of America.”

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