Dems Back At It Again With The Whining

CNN’s network chief political correspondent Dana Bash whined that there is a double standard present in government and that a Democrat would be impeached if he or she attempted Trump’s style of diplomacy with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.


“Look, and the fact he’s basically admitting what Chuck Schumer said in much more colorful language, which is that Democrats would be — there would be a call for impeachment, and it would be the worst thing in the world if a Democratic president not just sat down, but gave all the pomp and circumstance that this sort of diplomatic bells and whistles that President Trump gave to Kim — not just rhetorically, but the flag placed on equal footing to the American flag, things like that,” she stated.

“I mean, conservative talk radio, conservatives in general, would be going ballistic on a Democratic president,” Bash added. “Having said that, the argument is and should be, rightly so, that we’ve had two two-term Democratic presidents over the past 25 years who have tried and failed to deal with the very real threat we’re seeing now, that Tom Cotton was just putting out there. So you might as well try it, but I think it’s smart for Democrats to try to remind people that while, for the most part, they support these diplomatic negotiations, just remember that there should be some healthy skepticism and a reminder that all things are not equal when it comes to politics.”

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