Trump Is Making U.S. Great Again!

Fox’s Jeanine Pirro announced on her show that “America is back.”


“We have a president who steamrolls the economy to historic heights, consumer confidence at an 18-year high, a stock market hitting record highs, tax cuts for everyone and unemployment is not just down, there are actually more jobs than there are people to fill them,” Pirro said. “African-American unemployment is at its lowest in the history of this country, and the same with Hispanics. Our businesses will be able to compete again as we get our mojo back on the world stage.”

Pirro also pointed out how Trump is “dominating” the G7 Summit and how “world leaders are all over him.”

“Donald Trump is bringing America back in front of our eyes and it’s time for the un-American haters to get on board,” she said.

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