Are Republicans Reshaping The Federal Judiciary

NBC News justice correspondent Pete Williams admitted on MSNBC that he believes Trump and Senate Republicans are appropriately “reshaping the federal judiciary by confirming conservative judges.”


Williams stated, “Most cases don’t go to the U.S. Supreme Court. The bulk of these cases are decided by the district courts or the Courts of Appeal. Remember that the Supreme Court, every year only hears and decides about 80 cases. So that just tells you that most of these cases are disposed of by the lower courts. The Republicans, it turns out, are just better at this than the Democrats are.”

“They have more of a stable of potential nominees they’re ready to move on quickly. Secondly, you think about President Obama, surprisingly given his legal background, he was slow to get his nominees nominated at all— his choices nominated. The second factor for Trump success is the Senate. They’re moving rapidly. Judicial confirmations have become a priority on the floor under Mitch McConnell moving ahead of legislation.”

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