Should The FBI Be Investigated?

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) wants a “Select Committee in Congress” to look into and investigate the “dirty tricks and political activities” of the FBI.


Issa said, “What we’ve discovered really is after a year of looking for some wrongdoing by the Trump campaign, they haven’t found it and yet they aren’t looking at the very blatant wrongdoing by the FBI leading up to that, including the very premise of this investigation being nothing more than a dirty trick operation out of Hillary Clinton and the DNC. That’s what we now know. And it’s time to have an investigation of the underpinnings of this investigation. Obviously, I join with Rudy Giuliani in saying that you know after a year they ought to print what they have and if they have nothing, admit it.”

“What we need is a Select Committee in Congress to find out just how deep and dirty the FBI and Department of Justice was in the eight years leading up to this administration. It is pretty darn clear that the FBI has gone back to the dirty tricks and political activities that they were known for under J. Edgar Hoover. That concerns me, and it should concern all Americans and people of both parties.”

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