Conway Slams CNN’s Tapper

White House aide Kellyanne Conway had a heated debate with CNN’s  Jake Tapper for saying there was “a credibility problem.”


Tapper asked about the $130,000 payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels, Conway brought to light the 65 times Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti has appeared on CNN in only 2 months.

Conway stated, “I know the president said he didn’t know it when it occurred. Now, respectfully I know that CNN has invested a lot in this story and in Ms. Daniels’ attorney. Mr. Avenatti He has appeared on your network over 65 times in less than two months. That a choice that you make. When I look at the CNN polling, I don’t see this on there. I see the economy and immigration, health care. I see ISIS, historic talks on North Korea. We are on the precipice of ending decades of war between North Korea and South Korea in large part due to this presidents leadership.”

Tapper asked, “Do you think his job includes lying to the American people. Because he continues to do so.”

Conway responded, “You just want that to go viral. And you want to say President Trump and lie in the same sentence.”

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