Comey Says Trump Is Breaking The Law

Former FBI director James Comey recently told media sources that President Trump was “actively undermining the rule of law.”


When Comey was asked about the recent Scooter Libby pardon, Comey replied, “I think it’s an attack on the rule of law. There’s a reason why George W. Bush, for whom Scooter Libby worked, declined to pardon him after deep review of all the facts. President Bush concluded that justice was done. The rule of law system worked here. As an act of mercy, he commuted his sentence. To now have a president, 12, 14 years later, say he deserves to be pardoned with no review and no consultation, as best as I can tell, with the prosecutors and investigators, I can’t think of a sensible reason consistent with the rule of law to do that. So I think it is an attack on the rule of law.”

“I don’t know whether it’s a message. Even if it’s not a message to anybody, it’s an attack on the rule of law. It’s really important that people be prosecuted for lying blatantly, which is what that was, in the criminal justice system. Without that, the rule of law just melts away.”

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