CNN Calls Trump An Angry Child

CNN’s Jake Tapper accused Congress of purposely avoiding Trump’s tweets like one would a child which was throwing a fit.


Tapper stated, “Over the weekend, the president meeting with individuals such as Don King, Judge Jeanine Pirro from Fox News, Sean Hannity from Fox News. Then he comes forward with all these tweets suggesting he has returned to his very aggressive previous position on undocumented immigrants. This is what you get when you have this unofficial kitchen cabinet, I guess.”

“President Trump sends out all these tweets, including talking about getting rid of the filibuster, talking about DACA, talking about immigration, and there’s really no response from Congress. They don’t even react anymore. Speaker Ryan, Majority Leader McConnell, the Democrats. It is almost like—this is not a flattering metaphor—but it is like a child that you’re just used to pitching a fit, so you just ignore them.”

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