Zuckerberg Strongly Suggested To Testify

Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) told NBC’s Chuck Todd that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook needs to give a testimony in front of U.S. Congress.


“Mark Zuckerberg created, in many ways, the whole notion of social media. It’s a great American success story, as is Twitter, Google, a series of other companies,” Warner stated. “But I think the whole industry has been reluctant to accept the fact that we’re seeing the dark underbelly of social media. How it can be manipulated. We’re still dealing right now with kind of fake posts and fake accounts.”

“Think about the next generation of technology, where they can put somebody else’s face on somebody’s body, or totally real-time misrepresent words that come out of somebody’s mouth,” he added. “This is an area where we have to get our arms around it. And frankly, Mr. Zuckerberg needs to come and testify. He says he will do it if he’s the right person. Well, listen … I’ve got experts on my staff. But you don’t want my staff here. You want me here. He is the face of Facebook.”

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