Network political commentator Bakari Sellers claimed “white evangelical men” who support President Trump after recent alleged extramarital affairs is an example of “cowardice of our country showing through.”


Sellers stated, “The first thing is—I think that we’ve gotten to the point where we have delegitimized and caricatured these women in treating them as something other than women. They’re referred to as a porn star, or a reality TV show host, or a Playboy bunny, when they are literally women in this country. They are mothers, sisters, daughters, and I think that’s important to recognize first.”

“The second thing is, and I do this quite often when it comes to the Trump administration—I sit here in South Carolina, the bastion of evangelicalism and Christianity, and all these voters, they just turn a blind eye to Donald Trump and his behavior. It amazes me that white evangelicals, specifically white male evangelicals in the South, seem to not care. Like, they have the the courage to stand up against Barack Obama wearing a tan suit or him wanting dijon mustard, but let Barack Obama run around, cheat on his wife—he probably would have been dead because Michelle would have killed him—but let him say that he wanted to be president of the United States of America. White evangelical men would have marched to the White House like the march on Washington. It would have been amazing to see how angry they could get. And now they are silent as church mice. So no, his support is not going to go anywhere because we’re seeing the cowardice of our country showing through.”