Conservative Breaks Down AR-15 Debate

Conservative commentator S.E. Cupp recently appeared on CNN’s “Newsroom” to discuss gun control. She argued that removing a whole category of guns which in reality are only ”responsible for 2 percent of gun violence” might sound like a solution to the problem however it is not.


Cupp stated, “I think the danger here, and I understand the desire to do something that feels big, significant, impactful, but banning a whole category of guns that is responsible for less than 2 percent of gun violence might feel good but doesn’t actually work to solve gun crime. If you talk to people who have researched this, and from the left, in fact, they actually think the more targeted, discreet, narrow policies that address mental health specifically, domestic violence specifically, suicide specifically, actually have the bigger impact.”

“So we know when we passed an assault weapons ban for 10 whole years, it did not measurably lower gun crime. In fact, one of those banned guns was used in Columbine. We should be talking about laws that can help prevent future mass shootings.”

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