More Exposed About Hillary And Russia

According to Rep. Peter King, there is obvious evidence of Hillary Clinton having colluded way more than Trump involving Russia.


“I’ve been involved with this now for the last 18 months. I have not seen one bit of evidence of any collusion at all between the Trump campaign and Russia,” King stated. “[T]here was more possibility of the Russians being involved in the Hillary Clinton campaign. So many Russians had paid money to Bill Clinton and also the Clinton Foundation, but I wouldn’t be in support of that either. That is not a basis to be investigating [with] a warrant to wiretap in a presidential campaign.”

“The FBI went through [the Nunes memo] line by line. They did not find one factual error. Nor did they find any threat to national security. They said they disagreed with the conclusion. Well, the conclusion is critical of high-ranking people in the FBI.”

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