Demorcrats Makes Another Facepalm Claim

Representative Jackie Speier (D-CA) who recently attended CNN’s “OutFront,” is claiming the House GOP Intel memo to be completely made up. She also went as far to say that Vladimir Putin “gave Donald Trump the script on which to move forward.”


Speier claims, “This is a phony memo. And the problem is that to really understand it, you have to release the FISA application. That’s 50 pages long, and that’s the slippery slope that we’re going to be going down if we’re not careful here. So, I just think that what we really need to focus on is what makes this democracy real? I mean, what makes it free? What makes it strong? And if you look at the institutions that the president has attacked, the Department of Justice, the FBI, the judiciary, and the media, I mean, I would argue that all of those institutions are part of what makes this country free. And the democracy is going to start to erode. And you’ve got Vladimir Putin there smiling. I mean, it’s like he gave Donald Trump the script on which to move forward on this crazy memo [unintelligible].”

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